Friday, July 12, 2013

Kittens 101: Weeks 5 and 6

Paisley's three little princesses are six weeks old! Where has the time gone? They are becoming much more independent, which Paisley is enjoying very much... 

They did a lot of learning this week, and are on their way to being ready for their new homes. I'm sad.'s what happened in weeks 5 and 6:
  • They learned how to use the litterbox! And the best part? Paisley did all the work teaching them, we didn't have to do a thing. We use an all natural pine litter, as I can't stand the smell of the normal litter. There is also less danger if they decide to taste it, which isn't all that unlikely.
  • They can run really fast now, and have endless energy. Because of this, we had to move them out of the house and into the garage. They were just getting too crazy!! They like their new home and they are much more enjoyable to have around when they are not running all over the house, making a mess.
  • They caught their first mouse! Well, Paisley probably found it for them, but the little white kitten was the one that actually killed it. Pictures below...
  • We introduced them to kitten chow right before they turned 6 weeks old. They are eating a little bit of it, but mama's milk is still their primary source of nutrition. They are, however, drinking water from a small bowl, and we always make sure it's full for them, especially since it's been pretty hot lately.
Now for some pictures!

When kittens are about six weeks old, it is important to start socializing them, and making them feel comfortable around you. If they are afraid of you when they are little, they will be afraid of you when they grow up, so take time to play with them (which isn't too hard for me and I often spend way too much time with them instead of doing something a little more productive...ah, well, life is short, right?).

They are so precious. Now go get yourself a kitten, they will make your life better...

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  1. Oh how I love kittens..... Yours are really cute :)

  2. These are wonderful pictures!! Truly professional! I love kittens and would love to carry one of these home with me! :) Thanks for sharing this with us this weekend at One Sharendipity Place!

    sue @

    1. Thanks, your comment is so encouraging!

  3. Very sweet photos of these little kittens. : )

  4. Aww they are adorable!! It makes me miss my kittens...

    Visiting you from More the Merrier Monday...your link was just ahead of mine!

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  5. Oh my goodness they are so cute! We had 2 kittens when my girls were young and they were so much fun to watch.

  6. After the May 31st Oklahoma tornado (widest in U.S. history), three kittens were displaced when the 8 inches of rain that fell flooded them out of their home, which was under a church mowing shed. We trapped them (and mama cat) and had all spayed/neutered. Mama was already in heat again. The kittens were 3 lbs. each and just old enough/big enough for spay/neuter. All were vaccinated for rabies.

    THEN came the job of finding them homes. The church congregation was of no help (sigh). No neighbors claimed mama cat belonged to them (did I really think anyone would fess up?) Guess whose cats they are NOW? Ha ha!


  7. Kittens are so adorable at that age. Thanks for sharing such cute pics!

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  9. Congratulations on being featured at Inspire Me Monday. I love all the shots. Blessings!

  10. ADORABLE!!! They are freaking adorable!!! Awesome pictures!

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