Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kittens 101: Weeks 3 and 4

I can't believe it! The kittens are a month old! Sadly, that means there is only one more month before they go to their new homes! I will miss them, but Paisley will probably have a 2nd litter before we know it.

They are growing so fast, and have changed so much!

Here is what you can expect in weeks 3 and 4:

Week 3:
  • Their ears will no longer be folded, but will point up
  • Their eyes will start to turn blue 
  • Their sense of smell will start to develop
  • Towards their 4 week birthday, you will want to think about getting a litter box for them, or you may notice little accidents here and there, as mama cat won't have complete control over it anymore, especially if she has a large litter
  • They will start to purr a lot more (so precious, let me tell ya)
  • Their teeth will start to come in
Taking their first walk outside...

Week 4:
  • They will learn to stand up, walk, and RUN in the 4th week!
  • They will start to play with one another, which is pretty funny!
  • They will begin grooming themselves
  • Mama cat will start leaving them for longer periods of time, but she should still quickly respond to them when they cry
  • You should be able to tell their gender by now, but it really can be tricky. I was able to tell by myself, but if you can't, you could go to your local vet. The vet in our area will tell us for free!

WATCH OUT! Your mama cat is now able to get pregnant again. If you don't want another litter of kittens, make sure she stays inside all the time until the kittens are weaned (at 8 weeks old), and then take her straight to the vet to get spayed! We will be letting Paisley have more kittens, so expect to see a post about that later this year.

These 3 little girls are just adorable! Their personalities are starting to come out, which is hilarious. 

Can't wait for more of these little cuties in the future...

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  1. Neat! Thanks for linking up with us at One Sharendipity Place this weekend! :)


  2. Waaaaaay too ccute!! ;-) Me and my husband are thinking of becoming emergency rescue parents for kitten litters that became momma-less: you take care of them untill they are 12-14 weeks and then they find a final home. Reading your advice is just precious, thanx!

  3. Soooo darn cute. I'm not sure what is cuter than their faces but the baby animal world is indeed wonderful.

  4. Oh they are soooooo adorable!!!! Love those bright blue eyes. I love kitties and puppies. So fun. Just popping back over to say that the new "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party is now live and ready for your posts!

  5. Ohh! They are soo cute! I just love cats!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, cute overload! I just found two kittens in my chicken coop last weekend and they are so much fun! Not sure how they got there, but we are claiming them now :) I just love kittens!

    Visiting from Sunny Simple Monday :)

    1. I just love unexpected little blessings like that! Enjoy them!

  7. They're getting so big!!! I just want to squeeze and cuddle them!
    Stopping by from Create it Thursday.

  8. They are just adorable, Erin! I'm sure it is going to be hard letting them go, but I'm sure they will be going to loving homes.

    Thanks for linking up to The Creative HomeAcre blog hop.